HAC were delighted to be given the opportunity by our customer BMSI to provide the Form 4 BMS panels for a secured project at UHW Neonatal.

This project provided HAC with the chance to showcase their expertise to provide different solutions to BMS panel design & build.   Utilising our quality switchgear offer, while adhering to our customer’s time schedules HAC were able to get the panels onsite for delivery to meet the crane lifting deadline.

HAC Provided:

  • Form 4 Type 2 BMS Panels.
  • Initial ‘For Approval’ panel schematic drawings created from customer Power & BMS points lists.
  • ‘For Approval’ through to ‘As Installed’ panel schematic drawings to ensure build accuracy.
  • Panel GA drawings to provide dimension details for site install planning.
  • Panel divided into sections to assist with transportation.
  • Compartmentalised segregation/isolation of plant equipment.
  • Planned routine maintenance carried out with reduced Electric Shock risk.
  • BMS in ELV section to enable programme additions/alterations while panel remained Live.
  • Circuit additions/alterations easy to install without disrupting normal operation of plant.