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Devon County Council is the top county for recycling in England, and reducing waste and composting is a priority for the authority. However, even after extensive recycling activity through the ‘Don’t let Devon go to waste’ campaign, there will always be a proportion of waste left over that cannot be recycled, reused or composted. This residual waste needs to be dealt with, and Devon County Council’s policy is to use it to create energy, reducing the amount sent to landfill.

The Exeter Energy from Waste facility is located on the site of the former incinerator at Grace Road South in Marsh Barton. Devon County Council’s waste disposal contractor, Viridor Waste Management Ltd, was granted planning permission for the development in 2007. Modern energy from waste processes are safe and clean, and regulated by the Environment Agency through an Environmental Permit, granted in 2010.

The Exeter energy from the waste facility will enable the County Council to deal with household and some commercial waste from the Exeter and East Devon area. It is a small plant, built in partnership by TIRU SA with Viridor to treat 60,000 tonnes of residual waste each year.

Energy from waste is a mature technology with an established track-record, widely in use across Europe and Scandinavia. It is a clean and safe process that burns waste in a controlled environment to produce steam and electricity – enough to power 5,000 homes in the case of Exeter. Regulated by the Environment Agency, the emissions are constantly monitored to ensure they fall within strict limits.

The CPS25 panel The CPS25 panel is equipped with an auto changeover Unit which will be supplied by a turbine. It will automatically detect the loss of incoming power from the turbine and switch to the WPD mains supply. Once power is reinstated from the turbine it will automatically switch back with only a few seconds loss of power, which reduces disruption of the plant.

The panel will supply power to all the facility amenities, including offices and external lighting etc.
Harries Automation have embedded the CUBIC products, technical know-how, and workshop training into all of their in-house processes. These skills and the use of the CPS25 switchboard system ensure a compact and competitive solution delivered within the very short delivery period required for this project.